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Top 200 Collectors

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Collecting for the Future

What does it take to rank among the world’s Top 200 Collectors?

If there is a common denominator, it is a commitment to art that is an integral part of one’s identity. Over the past 12 months, the Top 200 Collectors have continued their dedication to buying new, challenging, and inspiring art. Take a look at what they bought and saw this year.

Collectors Highlights

Image of a middle-aged Chicano man

Cheech Marin

Los Angeles


Chicano art

Black-and-white portrait of a young-looking Black

Ric Whitney & Tina Perry-Whitney

Los Angeles

Media and entertainment

Contemporary art, with a focus on African-American art, Latinx art, street and graffiti art, art of the African diaspora, photography, and ceramics

Black-and-white portrait of a young Asian

Yan Du

Hong Kong; London

Inheritance; Entrepreneur

Contemporary art; Modern art; Postwar art

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